Against Macron : priority to social issues and the unity of the Left The future development of the Democratic and Social Left (GDS) was decided upon this weekend.

Following the national meeting of the “Rebuilding the Left” initiative, which was held on Saturday 20 January, a National Council of the Democratic and Social Left (GDS) comprising 45 members from across France was held on 21 January.

The strategy of the GDS network is to do everything possible to stop Macron’s policies.

The strategy of the GDS network is to unite the social, ecological, democratic and feminist Left. GDS is proposing to all the forces of the Left to run common campaigns, develop common action and the setting up of a permanent liaison committee to work towards an alternative that commands a majority. Meetings with other forces will quickly be proposed…

Social issues are at the heart of GDS’s activity.

Wage and pension rises, the rebuilding of the labour code, an income for young people and the reduction of dividends and the working day are urgently needed measures.

The sharing of wealth is the key issue, together with the debate on the production of socially useful goods and services in the service of the ecological transformation of the economy.

It is vital to fight against the appropriation of wealth, tax evasion by a handful of big companies and billionaires and the narrative of the “600 billion euros that France is missing”.

GDS fights for comprehensive change through a social, democratic, parliamentary, secular, ecological, feminist, internationalist and pacifist 6th Republic.

The « collective mutually agreed severance », a new form of generating unemployment through the turn-over and sorting of workers without any real kind of control – either by unions or the administration –, as practiced by Peugeot for example, is a concentrated expression of the scorn in which big companies hold employment. The billions in profits stand opposed to the general interest of workers and that of consumers and the environment.

The Lactalis scandal is another example that exemplifies the main issues that need to be raised and solved. The confidentiality of business and billionaire executives, the working conditions of workers, the squashing of small producers, the swindling of consumers.

Prioritising social issues means taking into account all of these dimensions, a job and a wage for everyone to begin with, health, education, the environment, a healthy and quality diet.

GDS is involved in social struggles and has also set out a course regarding the upcoming electoral battles with a view to taking part in them:

-          We support a common slate of the Left and the Greens in the European elections that brings together all those who reject the building of a technocratic Europe of austerity. Who oppose social dumping, the exploitation of posted workers, glyphosate and an ECB which pours billions of euros without channelling them to the satisfaction of social needs. Who support a European minimum wage, the ecological transformation of our economies and the further development of public services.

-          We support common slates of the Left in the municipal elections as it is obvious that without unity the rebirth of the Left will be impossible.

With a national network of 15 000 supporters, a monthly publication (Démocratie & Socialisme – Democracy and Socialism) with a circulation of 4 000, GDS calls on all those who identify with these causes to join us, work with us and meet us locally.

GDS is launching a series of local meetings across the country from February to April-May. An initiative for the 50th anniversary of the May 68 events, the May 68 of the general strike, will be the culminating point of these 3 months with the aim of preparing the future: our navigating compass are social issues and the unity of the Left.

The Democratic and Social Left (GDS) brings together activists who aim to rebuild the Left and its fighting unity within and outside the existing parties, those who have recently or less recently left the Socialist Party, activists who remain within that organisation and others who are members of Génération.s or of France Insoumise action groups. GDS accepts dual affiliation. The documents discussed and adopted during the 20th January conference in partnership with the network “Rebuilding the Left” will be circulated to our 130 000 contacts.


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